About the U-S-E Water Project

About the U-S-E Water Project

The aim of the project is to create a new model for building partnerships between Danish SMEs and Danish companies already on the Chinese market, and Chinese players on the market, in order to support Danish companies in building sales in China in both the short and longer run.

The project is run from Danish Export Association’s office in Denmark, while the Association’s Chinese office in Shanghai is working on creating awareness on the market about Danish solutions as well as building relations with the right partners in China.

A long-term approach

The project is a coordinated and long-term approach to cultivate, build and strengthen relations between relevant actors in Denmark and China to benefit both parties. This model for building partnerships and offering e.g. knowledge and contacts aims to increase the sales of Danish water technology to China by DKK 450 million two years after the end of the project and ensures that a wider range of Danish water technology companies will receive continued sales in China.

Chinese target group

The project’s primary partners will help open doors and create alliances and close relationships with Chinese water organizations, public authorities, knowledge institutes, companies and advisers/contractors who have potential projects, want innovative solutions and have the funds to invest. This work is done in close cooperation with the participating Danish companies in the project.

The aim is to develop product innovation and market adaptation for Danish companies, as well as create opportunities for joint development projects and collaboration with Chinese research institutes.

Danish Export Association’s China office and the network Danish Water Technology Group China is the platform from where these alliances are being built.


The partners behind the
U-S-E Water Project

The project is led by Danish Export Association and the two networks Danish Water Technology Group based in Denmark and Danish Water Technology Group China based in Danish Export Association’s Chinese office in Shanghai. The Danish Industry Foundation supports the project with 7 million DKK over three years.

Furthermore, the project partners are VCS – Danish Utility, the Danish Embassy in Beijing and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association (SEPIA).


Ilse Korsvang

Ilse Korsvang

Head of Project Management

Jorge Rico Villar

Jorge Rico Villar

Project Consultant

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